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Natalia Jiminez
School Counselor

Natalia Jimenez is the School Counselor at Canowindra High School. 

Natalia is part of the Wellbeing Team at our school and is on site on Monday's and Friday's. School counsellors are experienced teachers who have a degree in psychology and post-graduate qualifications in school counselling. Natalia can work with students of all ages and their families, throughout their school years.

Bonnie Keys
Student Support Officer

Bonnie Keys is the Student Support Officer (SSO) of Canowindra High School. 

Bonnie is part of the Wellbeing Team at our school and works closely with students, staff & the whole school community. Bonnie is here to advocate and support the young people of the school, to listen, respect and respond to students’ needs, provide support and guidance when students struggle and to assist in developing skills to help them prepare for their future.